Mind-Body Medicine

Do you believe that you can heal yourself just by changing your thoughts? For some, this concept may be a pretty far-fetched idea. But if you consider that everything begins in thought, could that mean that illness starts that way, too?

Dave Markowitz believes it after learning how to heal himself and many others through energy work. Part philosophy, part spirituality, the energy work he does connects the mind, body and spirit to bring them back into balance.

Last night I went to see a live demonstration by healing intuitive Dave Markowitz. It’s a little difficult to describe what he does and how it works — it’s much better if you experience a demo. Through meditation and channeling, he is able to sense where you are in pain and move your energy to make it instantly disappear. He starts by asking people where their pain is and then moves his hands around the area, hovering around the body, to stimulate and move the energy. Several volunteers felt their pain reduce by 50 – 80% or more in just a few minutes of treatment.

If you have a chance, definitely go check him out. He’s based in NY, and he’ll be traveling out to California for some events this summer.


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