The Secret Weapon for Stress Relief

It’s National Stress Awareness Month. Do you feel stressed? And are you aware of it?


Many things can make us feel stressed on a daily basis – work, deadlines, traffic, loud noises, schedule disruptions, personal relationships, among other things. And there are many ways that we use to try to soothe the stress away – eating, drinking, smoking or exercising are just a few.


What if there was just one simple thing that could alleviate stress, quickly and immediately? What if I told you that it exists, and that this one thing is easily accessible, and available to everyone?


It’s breathing.


So basic, so simple, yet so overlooked by most people. When you are stressed, your breathing tends to be shallow, rapid, noisy, and irregular. All you need to do to start getting rid of your stress is to bring awareness to your breath and focus on making your breathing more deep, slow, quiet and regular.


Beyond that, you can start a daily breathing practice to make stress reduction a regular part of your schedule. The great thing about having a regular breathing practice is that when you train yourself to slow down on a regular basis, you will be less likely to become stressed in the first place. And, when you do feel the headaches, backaches and tight shoulder, you’ll know that you can start easily relieving the symptoms anywhere you are, without drugs or any special equipment.


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