Junk Food Ban in Schools

Finally, someone is at least thinking about improving the food kids have access to in schools.

According to this NY Times article, a report released by the Institute of Medicine says that junk foods should be banned from vending machines and school cafeterias. In light of the report, Senator Tom Harkin, sponsor of the Child Nutrition Promotion and School Lunch Protection Act, is considering putting the recommendations in the Farm Bill. If passed, the Department of Agriculture could be required to ensure that certain kinds of foods are kept out of schools.

The only thing that seems misguided to me is allowing caffeine free, diet sodas to stay in schools. Just because they have no calories doesn’t mean they’re good for kids. They’re just cans of chemicals – how could ingesting this be good for growing children and teenagers? Also, diet sodas have not been shown to help people lose weight, so what benefit are they serving?

When I was a teenager and in my early 20’s I had a diet-coke addiction. I had to have at least one every day, and I would feel crazy if I didn’t have it. When I finally gave it up, I felt so much better. I was much less irritated, my skin got better, and I didn’t have the same craving for sweets that I used to have when I drank them.

Dr. Mercola has some strong opinions and research about artificial sweeteners which can be found here.


One response to “Junk Food Ban in Schools

  1. Why are you trying to dictate your personal preferences on other people? Of course healthy foods are important for kids, but when did this become an issue for the federal government? What makes them so omniscient when it comes to the health choices of every single American child?

    It’s bad enough that kids are enslaved in the public school system throughout childhood and adolescence. Now they can’t even eat a candy bar or drink a soda? Eating junk food (in moderation) is a natural part of youth.

    It’s great that you were able to overcome your Diet Coke addiction. And you were able to do so without the government looking over your shoulder.

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