Good Fortune Cookie

I opened a fortune cookie recently and got a great fortune. All it said was:

Welcome Change

and I said, “What great advice.” If change is inevitable, why not welcome it instead of fearing it? It’s so much easier to deal with it when you have a positive attitude.

The other way that I interpreted it was that I should welcome money (change) into my life. Spare change found on the ground, collecting in the bottom of my purse or in jars on the counter at home, any found money that come randomly to you.

T. Harv Eker teaches his students make declarations to help change they way they think and shift the energy that they attract into their lives. One of them, which is said every time you find money or that money comes randomly into your life, is “I am a money magnet.” This helps reaffirm to the universe that you are willing and open to receiving wealth, and it helps bring more of that energy into your life. If you’re having money troubles, I highly recommend his program, the Millionaire Mind Intensive.


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