Cleanse Results

I’m just about ready to finish up my personal spring cleanse for this year. I’ve been cleansing for about 10 days, and I feel great. My allergies went away, I lost a few pounds, and I have a lot more energy. Because I’m getting the nutrients that I need, I’m eating less than I was before and I’m not as hungry as I was before I started.

Because I advocate holism when it comes to diet and lifestyle, I also took the time to do some spring cleaning in the rest of my life – taking care of my home and readjusting my daily routine.

I decided that it was time to look at the clutter in my house and do something about it. I started by going through my wardrobe and discard all of the clothes that I no longer wear or like to make room for new things. It felt great to dump a bunch of clothes that just weren’t me anymore.

I have been readjusting my schedule to include more time to get organized and start on a couple of new projects – this blog being one of them. I realized that I was spend too much time doing activities that weren’t really serving me – watching TV, surfing the web too much – and that I could spend my time more enjoyably doing other activities that would give me energy instead of draining me.

My cleanse group has nearly wrapped up their program, and they’ve done amazingly well. I may hold another group, but I have not yet scheduled anything. If you’re interested in learning more about cleansing, or participating in a cleanse, please contact me.


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