Feeding spirit with music

Anything you do that makes you lose track of time is the “food” that feeds your soul, raises your spirit, and makes life worth living. Having some of this nourishment in your daily life helps energize you for everything else that you do.

But even though I’m a health coach, I can sometimes forget this essential ingredient if I don’t plan it into my life on a regular basis. Recently, I was focusing too much on things that seemed “more important,” and I was neglecting this part of my life. While I was eating healthfully (mostly), I felt sluggish and tired a lot of the time. I didn’t realize that my energy was most likely dipping because I wasn’t nourishing my whole self.

For me, music is definitely one of those things that feeds me. And happily, I have started going to shows again.

This weekend, I saw Sloan play at the Sunday Canada Day music showcase at Central Park’s SummerStage. Sloan has a retro rock sound, and they’ve recorded a couple of albums that sound like they could have been released in the 60’s or 70’s. They love power chords. And their songs are fun to sing (and play).

Jay Ferguson (center), Chris Murphy (left) and Andrew Scott (right) of Sloan

Chris Murphy, Rock Star
Chris Murphy, Rock Star.
Patrick Pentland on left, Andrew Scott on right.

A few years ago, I used to *love* them. They were one of several reasons why I started to play guitar more seriously. Sometimes at their shows, they pull a cute girl on stage to “play” along with them for one song. I hoped that one day I’d be in the front and be that girl.

Christy enjoying Sloan in Central Park
Slo-oan! Slo-oan!

These days, though my utter love and devotion has faded, I still think they rock.

More importantly, I’ve reconnected with a passion that I had temporarily left behind. I may even pick up my guitar again.

Check out this video:
Sloan at SummerStage from hotpotato on Vimeo

3 responses to “Feeding spirit with music

  1. Music feeds me too. I’ve started playing piano (my grandma’s, now that it’s restored) and I’ve learned to noodle around with some blues. Later this summer, we’re hitting the Police reunion tour and a National Symphony outdoor concert. So much fun.

  2. I just picked up my guitar again this past weekend – was playing along to songs broadcast on TV. I can’t believe I left it behind for so long.

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