Thoughts on healing the earth

In response to my initial post: The Fire the Grid event is happening at an interesting time. Healing is moving into the forefront of consciousness – especially environmentalism and nutrition. Al Gore’s Live Earth event is set to happen July 7. More and more stories about nutritional healing and cleansing are appearing. The time is right for change, as we have neglected these areas of our lives, and we are paying a high price for it. The world cannot afford to do more damage ecologically or internally.

I can imagine many people not buying into the whole story – needing people to meditate at a precise time on a precise day in points all over the planet. What if people don’t do it? Or what if they choose a different time or day? What would happen then?

Having sat in group meditations, I can attest to the power of being in the sangha – the shared community of mindfulness. For me, meditating in a group keeps me focused and positive, and I can feel the energy of the others radiating all around me. Having everyone living in the present moment together can be truly awakening. When I have reflected on my experience afterwards, I can see how beautiful it is to be present and still and to be around others who are doing the same.

There have been numerous stories about how prayer helps heal others and studies that (supposedly) disprove it, too. Why not pray or meditate healing energy toward the earth? Even if the act of sitting there for an hour meditating doesn’t help directly, it will help raise consciousness around the world. And afterwards, I bet you would be more likely tread a little more lightly on our mother.


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