Think loving thoughts

I got this quote in e-mail a couple of days ago, from the Beliefnet Buddhist wisdom newsletter:

At a time when people are so conscious of maintaining their physical health by controlling their diets, exercising and so forth, it makes sense to try to cultivate the corresponding positive mental attitudes too.

-His Holiness the Dalai Lama, 1963*

Cultivating mindfulness when it comes to our thoughts is more important than people think. You can be eating the healthiest foods in the world, but if you are cursing the world or yourself in your head, you at best not feel so good – or at worst, make yourself physically ill. So many people go around not understanding that we are one – body mind and spirit are all connected. If one is ill, it will affect the others. So it is important to eat healthfully and nurture yourself with good thoughts, too.

*From “The Pocket Dalai Lama,” edited by Mary Craig, 2002. Reprinted by arrangement with Shambhala Publications, Boston,


2 responses to “Think loving thoughts

  1. A beautiful mind makes us healthy. Gayatri mantra is supreme because of it power of purification of mind.

  2. Hi Alakh,

    Thanks for your comment. Here’s the Gayatri mantra:

    om bhoor bhuva suvah
    tat savitur vareNyam
    bhargo devasya dheemahi
    dhiyo yo nah prachodayaat

    One translation is:

    We meditate upon the radiant Divine Light
    of that adorable Sun of Spiritual Consciousness;
    May it awaken our intuitional consciousness.

    More info on the mantra:

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