Healing the earth, healing yourself

To help Fire the Grid yesterday morning, I arose early and ran over to the park. I started by practicing several sun salutations while facing east, and then moved onto meditations – sitting, reclining, and walking.

It’s interesting to do walking meditation in a city like New York where you always feel like there’s somewhere to rush off to, or some thing to do. As I walked, the more I focused on gently stepping on the earth, the more I could feel myself slow down and just be. Nowhere to go, nothing to do.

I felt very calm and light afterwards. And I realized that exercise is not just to heal the earth, but also to heal yourself. When you are whole, and you can raise your own consciousness, you have more power to heal others, including the earth.


2 responses to “Healing the earth, healing yourself

  1. Way to go! To Fire the Grid, I meditated in my room for one hour in the full lotus position and palms skyward. I felt my upper chakras activate and a lot of energy course downward from the sky to the ground through me, into the earth. It was a palpable experience. Check out the “Wave of Love” video on YouTube, it is also very good.

  2. That’s awesome, Edwin! And thanks for the video.

    I felt a strong connection to the earth in sitting and walking meditation, and to the cosmos through my breathing when I was lying down. And ever since I did the meditation, my 6th chakra (third eye) has been very active – tingling a lot. It’s freaking me out a little bit.

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