News around the web

Here are some recent headlines and posts that caught my eye:


Link between low cholesterol and cancer? A recent study shows that there may be a link between lower bad cholesterol levels and cancer. But, of course, they need to do more research. My question is: if there’s a link, could it be just because the people who have cholesterol problems are unhealthy in general?
Diet Soda and Weight Gain: The Wall Street Journal (subscription only) reports that a new study shows that people who consume diet soda have many of the same obesity-related health risks as those who consume regular soda. There is some controversy (of course) in the study about whether it’s diet soda or other negative lifestyle activities that makes someone more prone to illness. But the article does point to a study that indicates diet soda can make people crave sugar.


12 Ways to use Facebook Professionally: While I’ve been a member of Facebook since it started, I just recently started using and updating my profile more frequently. There are many more features than I need or want on it, and I don’t have a lot of time to dig around to figure out what I should and shouldn’t use. This post from Web Worker Daily goes into detail about how you can use your Facebook profile for more meaningful connections and minimize the wasted time on silly apps that suck you into the site.


Engagement: A guy wants to propose to his girlfriend but can’t afford the ring. If he gives her a fake, with the intention of replacing it, should he tell her? More importantly, if you tell her the situation, would she really care if her engagement ring was fake if it’s given with the right intention?


Workouts that help burn fat: Forbes reports that a recent study shows working out in segments with rest periods burns more fat than a continuous workout. I highly recommend this type of workout – I have been using it in my own personal training, and it has worked well.


Commute as meditation: Can your drive to work promote calm and ease? This Atlanta study indicates the possibility. I suppose it’s in your mindset.


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