Green Healing

I spent the weekend in nature and came back refreshed.

It was a camping trip to Harriman State Park. Far enough away from the city that you can see stars at night, close enough that you can get there by bus or train. The park land has plenty of hiking trails, and we took a few hours each day to trek through the woods. Though it was a hot weekend in New York, retreating to the woods was refreshing and cooler than staying in the concrete jungle.

Nature has been shown to heal. The Landscape and Human Health Lab has conducted many studies on humans and their environment, and have found that green spaces can positively impact children with ADHD and reduce crime in urban areas.

From my own experience, being in nature is very therapeutic. Even though I didn’t get much deep sleep over the weekend (sleeping on the ground is never very comfortable), I felt awake and alive when I returned. Work was much easier than usual, and I felt more focused than ever.

As a city dweller, I get used to the noise, the heat and the harsh light. I can tune it out to a certain degree, and I don’t realize after a while what an impact it has on me. That is, until I leave for a while and then come back refreshed.


One response to “Green Healing

  1. I totally know what you mean. There is definitely something about being in nature that restores the soul.

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