Stuart Wilde

I recently reloaded my iPod with some new music and audiobooks. I usually listen to it on shuffle as I work out or on my commute to and from work. This morning, it started playing Stuart Wilde’s book “Silent Power” – a book that I had started listening to about a year ago and then forgot about.

It’s a quirky little book that talks about consciousness, going within, and learning how to cultivate this silent power that we all possess. Through meditation, fasting, taking time for yourself away from your usual daily activities, you can learn how to become more grounded and centered. Eventually, if you work at it long enough, you can learn how to read people, have silent conversations with others, and increase your psychic ability. I’m mostly interested in becoming more centered, but I have to admit that cultivating psychic ability is somewhat appealing. Not that I have a need for it, or would know what to do with it if I was able to develop it, but it’s interesting.

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