Sugar Sugar

Martha, the nutritionist from my Toastmasters group and founder of City Girl Bites, recently interviewed me about sugar addiction. You can read the interview on her site.

Want to learn more about sugar addiction? Join me on my teleclass:

When: Tuesday, September 18, 8 pm – 9 pm ET
Where: On your phone
Why: Do you crave chocolate? Do sweets call your name? Do you have a daily energy slump in the afternoon? Learn more about sugar, cravings, and how to overcome the sweet stuff. The class is free, but you must rsvp to get the dial-in number. Please e-mail me at christy [at] liveadeliciouslive [dot] org.

P.S. Speaking of Toastmasters, I won a prize at the last meeting! I got the Best Table Topics award for making the best impromtu speech. I’m very excited.


4 responses to “Sugar Sugar

  1. I’ve been eating better for over a month now, and after just one week, I found I hardly craved sweets, and when I did, a peach would satisfy those cravings. Admittedly, the first week was really tough. It was almost like a detox. But now, even though I still have the occasional treat, it doesn’t spiral out of control like it used to. (And I’ve lost 8 pounds so far!)

    I urge your readers with sugar issues to sign up for your class — I know they won’t regret it.

  2. We live in Brussels where the weather is grey and the chocolate is really good. I can see an environmental cause and effect here, because the coco, in both chocolate and coffee, is really helpful on those blah days. Only thing is that now I have the habit of looking for chocolate after every meal. I suppose it is dark chocolate with less sugar, but I would like to downgrade choclate from an addiction to a treat.

  3. Awesome, Megan! Great to hear that you are doing so well with your diet experiment.

  4. Hi Dana,
    Yes, sugar and caffeine can be an enticing combination, especially if the weather is very gray. From my own experience, I noticed that once I cut caffeine out, I didn’t have the same urgent cravings for sugar. You could also try raw cacao nibs – of course it doesn’t really compare to Belgian chocolate, but it’s something to consider…

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