Developing Your Millionaire Mind

What is it you want? More money? Maybe a million dollars? Oh, what’s that? – a billion dollars? Ok.

First you have to know if you’re ready to have more money in your life. How do you figure that out? Look at how you’re handling money now:

How is it coming? Does it go out faster than it comes in? Are you living from a place of lack? Or are you in denial about how much you have (over)spent?

Next, you need to change your focus from lack or denial to that of abundance.

Be thankful for everything that you already have. Appreciation for everything you have naturally raises your vibrations and helps bring more of what you want into your life.

Then, raise your energy even further by changing your focus from lack to abundance.

I was listening to this great new Audiobook I just got, called “Excuse me, your life is waiting!” by Lynn Grabhorn – which is all about the Law of Attraction. In it, the author talks about a game that you can play that will help raise your energy and prepare yourself to receive more in your life.

Take a $100 bill and put it in your wallet. Then go shopping.

On your shopping trip, look at everything that you could possibly by with that $100 and note it to yourself. Say yes to, and delight in, everything that you could possibly buy. For example:

Wow, I could get that awesome pair of jeans! Or that new iPod! Or that set of art supplies! Or 8 new CDs! Or that cute pair of shoes!

You don’t need to actually buy these items to claim them. You just need to purchase them in your mind with your $100 and feel the excitement of having everything that you want.

When I heard this game being described, I had an instant flashback to childhood when I used to play this exact game with my sister. Only, I didn’t know I was playing it – I just knew it was a fun thing to do.

My mom used to get the gigantic Sears catalog that had about 300 pages in it of all sorts of goods. My sister and I would take it and immediately turn to the toy section. Then we would go through it, page by page, claiming each item by trying to hit it before the other one did, saying, “That’s mine!” as we hit each item. It must have worked for us, because not only did we never lack for toys, Christmas was always the best holiday because it was such a toy extravaganza.

To really learn how to have a millionaire mind, I highly recommend the Millionaire Mind Intensive. There’s one coming up in the New York area very soon – let me know if you’re interested in it and I’ll be happy to tell you all about it.


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