Is coaching right for me?

Very interesting post here. Coaching and counseling are definitely different animals, but I think that these rules can apply to both types of help.

With counseling, or therapy, many people see it as just a way to air out the issues in a safe environment. But this is only part of the process. Sometimes it can be painful as you process old hurts. Sometimes you need to take action to resolve the conflicts that brought you to counseling in the first place.

As a holistic health coaching, we start from a place where taking action is assumed – clients seek my help in making a specific change. My job is to help you take action, while also helping you find places where you may be blocked. I work with people who are highly motivated to change – if they are not, then the coaching process won’t really work the way it is intended. I can guide clients, but I can’t make it happen for them – they need to do the work for themselves.

One response to “Is coaching right for me?

  1. Thanks for linking to my article…. I encourage people to get whatever it is he or she needs. People are (usually) remarkably talented at knowing what it is they must do to go forward and live healthy lives….

    May you be very successful in all of your coaching and may you have more cleints than you can possibly handle.

    Rod Smith

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