Day 30 – Mindful Eating

Feeling stuffed by all the holiday goodies? Have your friends and family heard you claim that you’ll “never eat again” more than once? There have been many meals that we have eaten mindlessly. Today, take the time to eat mindfully.

Take a slice of apple or a grape and place it before you. Look at the fruit before you pick it up. Mindfully allow your hand to approach the food. Now grasp it, and raise it up in front of you.

Notice the color and the texture. Smell it, and see if there’s a scent. Really examine it before you take the first bite.

When you bite into it, allow the bite to sit in your mouth for a few seconds. Feel the texture and sense the taste of it. Now chew slowly. Notice the change in texture and flavor as you chew it. Don’t swallow it right away – allow the bite to linger on your tongue. How does it feel and taste? Do you notice a change in flavor?

Finally allow yourself to swallow the bite. Feel what it feels like to really experience your food, one bite at a time.


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