Hangover Helper


Was that just a bit too loud? Sorry…I’ll try to keep it down today.

Need some help with that hangover? Ok, here are a few tips.

Put that coffee down. I know, you think you need it, but you really don’t. You’re already too dehydrated as it is. Drink some water. Not too cold though – if it’s icy cold, it could turn your stomach. Try sipping some hot water instead – the warm water is easier on the stomach and can get you hydrated more quickly.

Your body probably lost lots of nutrients last night, so you’ll need to replenish yourself. Take lots of vitamin C – like the amount that you would take if you felt a cold coming on. That should be somewhere around 2000 to 3000 mg. Don’t worry about overdosing on vitamin C – the worst that can happen is that it will just pass through you. You’ll know you’ve had enough when you get the urge.

Next, replenish yourself with some protein. Eggs are a great way to get the amino acids and fats back in your system.

Then, once your stomach has settled, try getting some more sleep. Don’t bother with the aspirin, Tylenol or whatever over-the-counter headache medicine you usually take – it does too much damage to be worth taking. Sleep will take the headache away.


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