All You Can Eat Diet: Why Whole Foods Are Better

I just saw this post about the “all you can eat diet” in the blogosphere. While I was traveling in Mexico for two weeks in December, I did go on this diet. It was delicious, and actually yes, I did lose weight.

I noticed that while there is processed food in Mexico, the restaurants that we ate at were serving dishes that contained almost only whole foods. Tortillas are made fresh daily from ground up corn – no preservatives to keep them shelf stable. Chickens run freely – they eat bugs and worms and other things that Chickens should eat. Sauces were made with lots of spices, and beans were most likely cooked with unprocessed lard. While white rice was served sometimes, we were more likely to find hot tortillas than processed grains on our plates.

I ate whenever I was hungry, but sometimes we were too busy exploring to eat – so I might have skipped a meal  or two. It didn’t matter anyway, because I would make up for it at the next meal. But still, I lost weight and felt good most of the time. I really think it was because we had so few processed foods on our trip.

I do try to keep the processed foods out of my diet, but when I eat out, I don’t always know what I’m getting. A lot of times, restaurants substitute cheaper ingredients to add to the bottom line, which adds to your waistline quicker than you’d imagine.

If you really want to change your life, cut out as many processed foods as you can. See how you feel after a couple of weeks. What has changed for you?


One response to “All You Can Eat Diet: Why Whole Foods Are Better

  1. We cut out trans fat last year, and we’ve significantly limited our intake of high-fructose corn syrup. We’re making more things from scratch, too. I think it’s helped our weight-loss plans a lot.

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