Eating: what or how?

Low fat, high carb. Low carb, high protein. No dairy. No grain. No meat. So much of what people focus on is what to eat.

Are we putting too much emphasis on the “what” of eating? What about the how?

I’ve been reading Marc David‘s book, “The Slow Down Diet.” He argues that, while food quality is certainly important, how we eat is equally as important.

The evidence is in studies on awareness and eating. In an experiment, test subjects consumed a mineral drink in a relaxed state. Absorption of the minerals was measured at 100%. Then they tested mineral absorption when the test subjects were distracted – listening to media – and they found that absorption was reduced to 60%.

Marc David goes on to discuss how he’s had much success with clients who want to lose weight by teaching them how to eat without distraction. In many cases, this is the only thing that his clients will change. Suddenly, excess weight starts to fall off them.

How do you eat most of your meals? In front of the television? While driving or reading the newspaper? If you need to lose weight, do you think that trying this experiment will help?


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