How Not to Fight Obesity

According to USA Today’s blog, Mississippi legislators last week introduced a bill that would make it illegal for restaurants to serve food to obese people in a move to combat the state’s obesity problem. Approximately two thirds of the population of the state’s residents are obese according to federal health statistics.

Not only is this a ridiculous proposal, it is completely useless. Banning obese people from restaurants isn’t going to make them eat better, lose weight or get healthy. It’s just going to take revenue away from the restaurants.

There are many reasons why people overeat, and it’s not usually because of a willpower issue. A lot of disordered eating has to do with burying unwanted feelings, hiding from past hurts, or filling a lack in another part of the person’s life – e.g., food might be comforting if they are dissatisfied with their relationships, hate their job, or feel lonely, depressed or disconnected. Food can be used like a drug to numb out any of these feelings.

Obese people need help, not useless restrictions. They need to learn about health and  taking care of themselves. They need education to learn about how to become healthy – what to eat, how to cook, and how to shop. They need to know why they should want to be healthy – for themselves and for the world. And not just so that they can avoid illness, diabetes, cancer, heart failure, osteoporosis, aging, etc. Obese people need to develop their own personal reasons for wanting to be healthy so that they can get on track to health and wellness.

More about this proposal can be found here:

The Smoking Gun



3 responses to “How Not to Fight Obesity

  1. I have a question about this police or law.

    Who will determine what people are obese?

    Will they have to Weigh-In before dining?

    Between this and Clinton threatening to Garnish the wages of uninsured people, see my blog for details, we had all better hang on to out wallets if the Dems get in this fall.

  2. Obese people need to watch less TV too, as a choice, out of awareness of the controlling influence is has had in helping to create their condition. There are a lot of benefits to having an obese population: unfortunately none of the benefits are for the obese people. Actually, the increases in obesity are an effect which demonstrates the success of mass media marketing and cultural conditioning (dysfunctional)… at least I think so.


  3. Yes, true watching less television would help obese people. The whole way that television is set up with multiple ads per hour certainly doesn’t help – it’s hypnotic. And television writers are getting smarter about creating lead-ins and teasers that will keep people glued to the set, not even realizing whether they are watching ads or programs.

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