Extreme Workout – P90X

Every day I wake up more sore. Back, arms calves, hamstrings. Everything aches. But it’s all good.

I’ve been doing the P90X workout for about five days. Started on Monday, and plan on doing each and every work out religiously through the end. I like a good workout. I’m not afraid of sweat, fatigue, or muscle aches. It’s been a while since I did a hard core workout. The last time I was working this hard was when I was training with Traditional Tribal Fitness outside in the park. This P90X workout is not unlike Kiki’s own tribal invention of using your own body mass to strength train every part of your body. But this time, I’m doing it in my own living room.

I have to admit that the informercial totally sold me. Yes, I am a marketer as well as a health coach, but I still bought into it. I know from my own experience that hard workouts work and the before and after shots and success stories sealed it. The women all slimmed down without looking bulky after all of the ab work, pull ups and jumping.

I will write more about my progress as I get further into the workout schedule.

6 responses to “Extreme Workout – P90X

  1. For me, it was the double dog dare sound of the website. “P90X might be too tough for you to do.”

    Oh yeah. =)

  2. Yes, I totally agree with that, too. I knew it would be tough, but I’m also in great shape to begin with – so how bad could it be?

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  4. I just started using the p90x program and love the whole concept of the program. In fact I’m starting blog to for recording my progress so others can see my results so that they know it works as long as you follow the program.

  5. I am almost brand new to blogging and really like your post, it is really on target !

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