Supersized Food

It’s no secret that food portion sizes have grown exponentially since the mid 20th century. Here’s a great article that shows the differences in portions between then and now. For example, check out these pizza slices:

pizza slices

Pizza, 20 years ago – 500 calories                            Pizza, today – 850 calories

In New York City, fast food chains must now post calorie counts next to each food item on the menu. This is somewhat of a controversial measure that has been protested and debated, but I think it’s important that people know what they’re getting themselves into when they have that craving for the extra-large supersized meal. I have to admit that I made some different choices after seeing calorie postings right next to the foods I desired.

One response to “Supersized Food

  1. Very True, Half of the World is not ready to accept Concept regarding Calories, and Most People didn’t Know even. Its good we should step back from Helping ourselves with Full-fat and High-calories food.

    Thanks for the valuable info.

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