Fend Off Brain Power Failure

According to a recent sleep study, sleep deprivation can cause the brain to work more slowly, especially when processing visual information. Scientists refer to this as a sort of “brain power failure.”

Getting enough sleep is essential, but that amount is not the same for everyone. Adults usually need 7-8 hours, but some do well with six, while others can’t function without nine. Children need more sleep than adults, and older people need less sleep than those in their mid life.

You can catch up on sleep by sleeping extra hours following a sleep deprivation period, but it takes a toll on the body nonetheless. If you can stick to a regular sleep schedule, you’re more likely to get the rest you need.

And for those who say, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” – if you don’t sleep, you will be dead faster than you think. It is not possible to continue living without sleep.

Side note: The best way to prevent an oncoming cold – get lots of extra sleep, drink water and take your vitamin C.

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