The Wedding Diet

Oh yes, the infamous wedding diet. This is when brides-to-be do everything they can in their power to get slimmer, trimmer and tinier before their Big Day. For some, the BIGGEST DAY OF THEIR LIVES. And, in order to be fully prepared for the biggest day of their lives, it’s essential that they become as tiny as they possibly can to fit into the smallest wedding gown, because as you know white is not slimming like black is. Oh no. It’s time to work out till you drop and diet until you pass out. Otherwise, there’s no way you’ll be prepared for the BIGGEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE.

Ok, I have to admit it. I have been working out, and fairly hard for the past two months, partially for vanity reasons. And yes, I’m getting married very soon. And yes, I have to admit that I have been watching the scale. And happy that the numbers have become smaller. Even though I know that they’re just numbers and really it’s more about how I feel in my clothes. But yes, I have this slight vanity urge happening that makes me want to be in the best shape of my life, look my prettiest, see my thighs at their thinnest that I can ever remember when I’m sitting on the deck chair in my bikini during the honeymoon. Pure vanity.

The thing is that I know that my wedding is just one day. One special day, but not the only good day I’ll ever have. And good health is more than looking amazing in a dress for a day or a bikini for a week. It’s not about numbers, calories, miles run, reps performed.

A Delicious Life is about feeling good inside and out. Yes, when you take care of yourself with good diet and regular exercise, you start experience life in a more delicious way. But a delicious life is feeling good about your whole life – the work you do or aspire to do, the relationships you have with friends, family and loved ones, and the connection you have to your own spirit in whatever way makes sense to you. Living a delicious life can start with your diet or your exercise routine, but to truly have it all you need balance in all areas. That’s when you can really have a delicious life.

While I’m working out for extreme vanity reasons now, I know that I’ll keep these healthy routines way after the big day. I’m happy to be in great shape again. I’ve been in good shape before – especially when I was training for my triathlon and the 5k races I used to do. It’s a great feeling to be back in excellent physical shape, even if my healthy habits only started because of a white dress.


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