Someday we’ll find it…

…the rainbow connection
the lovers, the dreamers and me…
Rainbow over New York Harbor

Rainbow over New York Harbor

(Photo from Askrom)

Photos of the rainbow that appeared over New York Harbor on Tuesday evening. I missed it, but others took some really nice photos of it. Here’s one of the full arc:

Full rainbow over NYC

Full rainbow over NYC

(from B.I.L. NYC)

3 responses to “Someday we’ll find it…

  1. Did you see the rainbow over NYC after your wedding? 🙂

  2. No, I missed it. 😦 We were too busy with the sail off party and just trying to come back to earth after the whole day. But I did get your message and I do think it was a good sign.

    And the rainbow that just appeared over NYC recently? I think that’s a good sign, too.

  3. Louis Bloomfield

    Well i was googling for rainbows,
    your site came up…

    the full arc is beautiful…

    Nice blog too… it kept me distratced from my dissertation for a while!


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