What is Health Coaching?

If you have been wanting to:

  • Improve your eating habits
  • Feel confident in choosing and preparing better food for yourself
  • Experience a remarkable increase in your energy and vitality
  • Understand your cravings and stop binges
  • Feel better in your body and achieve your ideal weight
  • Experience an increase in overall happiness in your life

Working with a health coach may be right for you.

As your health coach, I will be your personal advocate for living an energized and inspired life. Whatever your concerns may be, my job is to help you identify the food and lifestyle choices that will work best for you to create the life you desire.

My Philosophy
From my own experience, I’ve realized that when diet changes, everything changes. What you eat literally becomes your cells, blood, tissues, organs and even your thoughts.

I believe that to become health and happy inside and out, you need to feed all parts of your life – this means:

  • Enjoying healthy food that nourishes your body
  • Finding exercise that feels right for you
  • Doing work you love or loving the work you have
  • Cultivating satisfying relationships with others
  • Feeling spiritually connected in whatever way you define it

To learn more about how to get started, contact me.

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