My programs

One-on-one coaching
In your personalized, individual coaching program, I meet you wherever you are in your wellness journey. Individual coaching is a six-month program that includes:

  • Two one-hour in-person or phone sessions per month
  • E-mail communication with me in between session
  • Notes from each session
  • Books, handouts, food samples and giveaways as needed
  • Admission to monthly events as offered

For one-on-one coaching, we can meet either in my midtown office, in a mutually-convenient location, or over the phone depending on where you are located.  Contact me for more information on how to start in an individual coaching program.

Group coaching program
For a group atmosphere, and a different way of meeting your goals, I offer two group programs – one that meets in a teleclass format and one that meets in person.

In person classes:
Meet two times per month in person at my midtown office
Have e-mail group support in between group sessions
Receive handouts and exercises in between group sessions

Like in-person groups, we meet two times per month, but this time it’s over the phone. Teleclass groups have all of the same benefits as in-person classes, and you have the luxury of meeting from the convenience of wherever you are located. 

Contact me for more information about my group coaching programs.

Special Events
In addition to my coaching programs, I offer free events most months. My free events may include in-person talks or teleclasses about topics such as:

  • Kicking the sugar habit
  • Eating for energy
  • Staying younger longer 

I also have conducted cooking demonstrations at local farmer’s markets, health food store tours, and other specialty events. Contact me for more information on special events.

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