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How to do a pull up

Recently, I did my first chin ups. It was the first time since I was a kid that I’ve done one, and I was thrilled to be able to do it again. I had a trainer that was trying to get me to do them a while ago, but I was not successful. But practicing on my own and using the technique that P90x teaches allowed me to finally do them. Here’s how I did it:

1. Building my upper body: Pull ups require a lot of upper body strength — many women don’t possess this naturally in the way that men do. I started building my upper body with weight machines like the lat pull down, rowing machines, and cables to build chest, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps. I also did a vigorous yoga program that includes sun salutations, side arm balance, crane, head stands/hand stands, and other upper body strengthening poses.

2. Easy does it: pull ups are hard enough as they are – so why go for the most difficult kind at first? I started by going for chin ups first – the grip (palms facing you) makes them a little easier to do than the standard pull ups (palms away). Also, it’s easier if you keep your grip standard – about shoulder distance apart. Wide or close grip pull ups can be more difficult and should be attempted when you are more advanced.

3. Getting support: When I worked with my trainer, he put me on a pull up bar and said, “OK, do a pull up.” Obviously that wasn’t going to happen – there was no way I could pull up all of my weight from hanging straight down with feet dangling in the air. I needed to decrease the amount of weight I was pulling. I learned that you can practice the pull up move by resting one or both feet on a chair and pulling up a portion of your weight. As I got stronger, I tried to just barely rest one foot on the chair while pulling up as much of my weight as I could handle. One day, I was able to one pullup. The next time, I tried for two, and I did it. As I get stronger, I see how many I can do. Right now, I’m up to 6 at one time without a chair.

P90x Day 61: My first chin ups

Monday’s workout marked a true milestone for me – I did my first chin ups without the use of a ladder to support some of my weight. I did 2.5 chin ups before I had to resort to using the step ladder for the rest of my reps. I think the last time I was able to do a chin up was in grade school. Even when I was working with my trainers, I was never able to achieve the strength that I have now.

This work out really works if you follow the instructions. I have been showing off my arms quite a bit lately. I will post pictures soon – I need to take some new ones.

Extreme Workout – P90X

Every day I wake up more sore. Back, arms calves, hamstrings. Everything aches. But it’s all good.

I’ve been doing the P90X workout for about five days. Started on Monday, and plan on doing each and every work out religiously through the end. I like a good workout. I’m not afraid of sweat, fatigue, or muscle aches. It’s been a while since I did a hard core workout. The last time I was working this hard was when I was training with Traditional Tribal Fitness outside in the park. This P90X workout is not unlike Kiki’s own tribal invention of using your own body mass to strength train every part of your body. But this time, I’m doing it in my own living room.

I have to admit that the informercial totally sold me. Yes, I am a marketer as well as a health coach, but I still bought into it. I know from my own experience that hard workouts work and the before and after shots and success stories sealed it. The women all slimmed down without looking bulky after all of the ab work, pull ups and jumping.

I will write more about my progress as I get further into the workout schedule.