Sustainable eating

No Impact Man recently wrote an interesting post about eating locally. As an occasional cook at the Brooklyn Farmer’s market and a shopper there as well, I do advocate for this kind of eating.

I try to eat in a more sustainable manner, but of course, I don’t always achieve this. I try to eat more vegetables and less meat. I like buying from local farmers and talking to them about what vegetables are low spray or how close to organic they are with their farming practices. I keep a water bottle on my desk at work, and I carry one instead of buying bottled water. I bring my lunch to work instead of getting takeout. I’ve been bringing my own bags when I go shopping, too. And I’m pretty good about seasonal eating – except in the winter, which can be really hard.

What do you think about sustainable eating? What changes would you be willing to make?


One response to “Sustainable eating

  1. Sustainable eating can be hard when you’ve got a busy life, and boy do I have one. There are so many things I would love to do, and will do… someday. For instance, I love going to my local orchards and farms for my produce, but as you said in the winter it is hard to eat local. One way to keep eating local in the winter is to can and preserve, of course this is labor and time intensive. Hopefully within the next two years my schedule will allow for me to learn the art of canning, but for now I just try to buy local (and local organic if possible) in the summer, organic (but mostly not local) in the winter.

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